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Whether it is rolling out your branding across stationery and banners, creating bespoke marketing materials or designing comprehensive and compelling impact reports, we’re the agency for you.

At the forefront of our design process is the impact that our work has on the environment, so we always consult and question whether there are other ways to produce what is required.

We also ensure all of our paper stocks are sustainably sourced, working closely with a number of local printers.
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The process

1. The brief

The client will approach us with a brief. At this stage, we will clarify any ambiguous areas, discuss the project budget and understand expectations. Sustainability is at the forefront of our decision making and design process.

We discuss usability and function, as well as layout ideas and target audience.

We will conduct research, sketch out ideas, develop stylesheets and create moodboards.

2. Creation

We will start taking our sketches and inspiration to the screen. Depending on the project, the duration of this stage can vary. An A5 leaflet will take considerably less time than a thorough impact report.

We will consider font selection, colour palettes and setting up document styles. For larger deliverables, we may only initially create a section of the design so that we can demonstrate our thinking and not spend a lot of time going down the wrong path.

We will review the design with our team, and then share with the client for initial feedback.

3. Feedback

The concepts are reviewed by the client, checking with key stakeholders and users (if required).

For larger projects once the client is happy with the general design concept, we will then create a version one draft with al of the content and images layed-out. This will give the client a good understanding of areas that may need more, or less, copy and where other images could be sourced.

We always keep a copy of each version within the development process, in case we need to revert back to a previous design.

4. Final artwork

Once the client is happy with the design we create the final artwork.

For larger projects, once the client is happy with the general design concept, we will then create an initial draft with all of the content and images layed-out.

If required, we will also send digital versions of the artwork for the client to upload to their website or send via email. Get in touch with the team if you’d like to discuss your print design project.
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Speech Marks

Everything looked so beautiful and professional. We are absolutely delighted with the result. Thank you very, very much for helping us to make it happen.

Coralie Green
Trustee, Children’s Sailing Trust

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