The brands that we create reflect the identity of your organisation and resonate with your target audience, through an overall look and feel.

Strategy and research drive our creative process.

Your brand identity must be a well-crafted, accurate representation of your business or organisation.

We work with people who want to do big things: provide shelter following disasters; support those experiencing domestic abuse; reduce global drowning; educating girls on a global level; proving opportunities for people to live their best lives in poverty.

Together with our clients, we explore fundamental questions – what they do, how they do it, who do they do it for, and why.

We don’t just help brands change, we help them create positive change.

We work best when co-designing with clients and users, in a way that utilises both their industry knowledge and our design expertise.

We create brand guidelines that provide the information you need to apply assets consistently, such as: logo specifications and usage, colours, font and typography, tone-of-voice and image editing.
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Branding process

1. Discovery

Gathering information, requirements, and other data that we need in order to make informed decisions later.

2. Research and Strategy

First we define the problem. What are the requirements and what is the end goal? Defining the brief into its simplest form. Gather constraints and impose creative limits (budget / audience / features).

3. Sketching and Conception

We begin to sketch and wireframe so we can start to understand how all the data and information that has been collected may impact the design. Explore & evaluate data to ensure we have what we need.

4. Development

Take the preliminary ideas and form multiple small-scale design solutions. Create rough prototypes to evaluate the solution against the brief in the discovery and research stages. Revise the solution until a final design is created. We work closely with the client, co-designing and co-developing throughout the process.

5. Delivery

Implement the solution (often with the help of other professionals like programmers, accessibility experts and copywriters).

This could include:

  • final brand identities,
  • illustraions and icons,
  • brand guidelines,
  • a website,
  • social media graphics,
  • clothing designs,
  • marketing materials,
  • stationery.
Revise the solution as technical issues arise or new aspects are discovered that have not been addressed. Measure how successful the design is after it’s put into use, through analystics and data gathering.
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Speech Marks

The creativity was excellend, meeting all our needs, beyond our expectations. The design and workmanship were superb, and feedback from everyone who accesses our service has been complmentary.

Jenny Tarvit
Co-founder and Director, Promas

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