Environmental Policy.

We are proud to be an environmentally and socially responsible agency. Founded in 2020 with an ethical commitment to be carbon friendly, sustainability is at the heart of our design process and working practices.

Ridgeline Studio is a creative agency supplying branding, web development and design for print as its core services. We operate as a satellite studio in Cornwall.

Our mission statement:

A creative studio with a conscience.

Our commitment:

The design community has become increasingly focused on sustainability in recent years. At Ridgeline we take this thoughtful approach throughout our design process. We don’t just create solutions to the brief, but actively seek out ways to make our designs and processes kinder to people and the planet. We have a commitment to continually improve our environmental performance. We promote our environmental ethos and policies internally to our staff and externally to our clients, suppliers and partners.

We aim to:

  • Actively reduce our waste through waste reduction policies, recycle and re-use as much as possible and promote creative thinking amongst staff about this process.
  • Strive for a carbon neutral status by reducing our co2 output to a minimum and use carbon offsetting programs to neutralise that what we cannot currently reduce any further.
  • Educate team members, clients and suppliers on new methods and policies to reduce energy and waste generation.
  • Purchase products and services from third party suppliers that share similar environmental positioning goals as our own.
  • Use our skills  to actively promote environmental sustainability and raise awareness to climate change in our region.
  • Be localised and socially responsible.
  • Ensure that all our activities and services comply with all relevant environmental legislations.
  • We have a responsibility to join in at a grass roots level with local communities and charities to enhance our local environment.
  • Adopt a tree planting scheme and encourage staff, clients and local communities to actively join in.
This policy is reviewed on a regular basis and will provide a framework for assessing and improving all environmental objectives and targets.