A new search and rescue dog team

Sketch by Matt.

Following a rigorous, three-day assessment in the Lake District, we’re pleased to announce that our Creative Director, Matt, and his dog, Merryn, are now an operational Mountain Rescue search dog team!

They searched five large and technical areas on mountains around Keswick – in snow, rain, hail, wind and (not frequently) sunshine. The pair found all of the ‘bodies’ hiding out, using Merryn’s air-scenting skills, and had fantastic comments from the experienced assessors.

Throughout their intensive three-year training journey they have shown what a huge asset they will be on call-outs with the West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team, and it is the first time there has been a qualified dog in West Cornwall since the charity established in 2019. They travel the five-hour round trip to Dartmoor every Sunday for regional training and have also attended a national course at locations across the UK once a month.

Matt says, “Thank you to all of the Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England graded dog handlers, WCSAR team members and hardy ‘dogsbodies’ for helping Merryn and myself to reach operational status.”

“And of course my family for allowing me to leave Cornwall so often for training. We may even spend their first Sunday together in almost 3 years! Also thank you to Burns Pet Nutrition for providing sponsored food for Merryn during the training process and operationally going forward.”

Both Matt and Karl are volunteer call-out members of West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team. They can both be called out at a moment’s notice, and are grateful for our client’s continued support with this. The team’s unpaid volunteers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support the emergency services to search for missing, vulnerable and injured people across West Cornwall and further afield.

📷 Images from the assessment weekend in the Lake District. The portrait images courtesy of Mark Harrison from MRSDE.

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