A busy week at Ridgeline

Sketch by Karl.

In our first week at Ridgeline, we’ve established a team of 4 awesome designers (plus me), won a national contract (that will stay hush hush) and have taken on two projects that will have a big impact on others.

Firstly, we were approached by CoVisor for design support. CoVisor provide face shields to all UK healthcare organisations at cost-price. They are not-for-profit and mass manufacture injection moulded face shields in Cornwall. Their aim is to help solve the current visor shortage across the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at Ridgeline designed and built the website for CoVisor in the space of a day, at no cost. The following day the non-profit had transcended their £15,000 Crowdfunder target.

Two days later we were contacted by the UK Lifeguards Solidarity Group. Formed in March 2020, they represent professional Lifeguards, Lifeguard Supervisors and Lifeguard Operational Assistants seeking financial protection under the Government’s Covid-19 job retention scheme (furlough). A campaign was needed to share their stories to the public, and get people to sign their petition call to the UK Government.

Tom Houghton, from UKLSG says, “Excited and emotional! To see something we have worked so hard on represented in a way that I just don’t have the faculties to even comprehend visualising like you guys have. And then to have turned it round so quickly too. I’m in awe.”

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